I don’t know how to be inquisitive, I have to be obsessed.

I don’t just really like someone, I adore them.

I don’t hang out with a friend for the night,
I have someone with me all the time.

I don’t just get angry,
I get furious.

I’m not just happy.
I am elated.

I’m not just hurt…
I’m in agony, anguish, despair…

You’ve moved on and I get it. I guess in a sense, I have too. But, there is not a single soul, object, entity, that can fill this gaping hole in my chest. I think this is a love that will never die. Although I feel as though you’ve been an ever changing kaleidoscope of various colors, I’ve loved them all. The blazing reds jealousy, the calm, mellow shades of green, the bright anxious yellows, and the peaceful, pure, genuine loving blues. I’ve loved them all. We’ve grown apart and the colors aren’t familiar to me any longer…they’ve bled together, changed shades. I’m left…grey.

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