The end is near…the end is here.

Drifting away like a paper bag floating in the breeze.
You’re gone.
Seemingly shrinking in the distance.
You’re the fetchling that finally flew away.
Away to begin your new journey.
You’ll grow, you’ll learn, you’ll forget.
Forget about me,
Forget about us.
I miss your eyes and the way they change colors with every emotion.
The olive
The evergreen
The golden honey
The color of spring.
I miss your smile,
Your laugh
The way you get nervous and sometimes tremble when you’re around me.
The way I felt when you kissed me and whispered “I love you.”
I feel like it was only with you when I said it and actually meant it.
Before you, I didn’t know what love was
But where there once was love,
Resting on the pillow next to mine…
Only loneliness.

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