Beautiful destruction

How could you do that? Don’t you get it? I knew you had to say would hurt me, why do I let it? Wiped my mirror clean,  It seems as though it’s shattered into shards. Because my reflection is covered in scars The ones you left, will forever stay…but for whatever reason,I wouldn’t have it any other way. Every single word like a razor sinking in, watching the blood pour is a comforting thing. I’ve always hurt myself, sabotaged my own smile, because I just want to feel normal, and cry for awhile. The entire world is on-board and I’m the anchor. too skiddish to even pick up the morning paper. I do not watch t.v., I prefer to remain aloof, I have enough of my own drama, I don’t need theirs too. But you, you’re the rough water waiting to pull me astray while I cling to the earth below and try not to get swept away.

But I do.
I always do.

You’re the storm that has no end. Leaving me detached… and my world shipwrecked. Rendering me useless. Astray. Alone. In the darkness that is now my new world. Dark. Cold. Alone.

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