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Here I lay with a hollow chest, nor the slightest twinkle of life in my eyes. The sheets feel cold and so does my skin and I realize, it’s because so am I. The blood in my body remains motionless because my battered, blackened heart no longer has the strength to continue beating. I’m atrophied, wasted, and out of my mind. Wide awake, no longer sedated by your words. You gutted me like it was hunting season, laced up your sneakers and stomped away kicking sand into my weary eyes. I thought you loved me. Maybe you did, but I ripped you apart too many times. Ripped away the best pieces trying to
Keep them for myself only to find they would soon wither away, leaving you incomplete. The damage is done. Its beyond repair. We are no longer. It’s just you. And. Me. I wish you happiness. I hope you find peace. I hope you find the pieces of yourself I tried to keep. I hope you find out who you are. I will always adore you. But sometimes, the things that we love most, are the things that kill us.

This one’s for you 2

I got another silent call from an unknown number this evening. I’m assuming it’s you because I know you still love me as I love you. This is awful. I’ve come to resulting to to reducing myself to taking company with stressful people trying to fill that void in my heart that you’ve left me with. I’m suspecting that the current man I’m seeing is just a liar too. I’m afraid of loving and living without you. You’re my cornerstone and the one that makes me feel like I’m safe. Although towards the end before she broke things off, you were anything but the guy I fell for which later I would come to find was all a facade. A mere ruse to make me feel like I had found the one. Instead I ended up being someone that I would become obsessed with. Wtf. Me.. obsessed over you. Makes not a bit of sense. I have tried to look back and try to think about the good times. Like when I moved In with my sister and you came to see me all the time. The very first time you came to see me we all walked down to the store together and you called me your little cuntcake. I loved when you called me that. We would bite each other and you would always squeeze my nose. They thought we were weird, but we didn’t care. We were in our world and it was fun to have that with you. But that didn’t last…

        My sister loves me and wants me to be happy and be treated well. She didn’t like that you were with someone else and that you didn’t take care of me monetarily. She’s traditional like that. I didn’t mind. It wasn’t like we were engaged or anything. I was smitten with you and I think I still am. You were the only person who stuck around. I’m hoping in time, you’ll come back into my life. We can forgive and forget. And start anew.

I was thinking to myself this morning. About the baby. I would’ve been due in January. If I had known, I would’ve kept it. Although, I’m not certain you would be involved. You did refer to Brady as your son and turned your back on him so I’m unsure you would want to be a father. But that would’ve been one beautiful baby.

It’s hard to believe that we were so obsessed with each other but didn’t ever sleep together for over 2 years. It was an old fashioned courtship. Although when we did, it was intense 

Since hanging out with her, I think more and more about you because the truth is, I am not over you…you weren’t just one of the people I fooled around with. For the quick fix for loneliness when I couldn’t have you. I know in my heart that you didn’t intend for us to happen even though you had a crazy crush on me in high school. (Which I thought was so cute when you told me that) I never expected for a single moment that when you pulled up to my house that I would have been so attracted to you. I thought it would be fun to catch up with an old friend. I fell for you hard and fast. I’m not sure why. It seemed perfect. We seemed so in sync with one another. Little did I know, you were a chameleon. You blend. You pretend. I was wounded, and you wanted to fix me. I know I was impossible at times, but you broke me. I’m broken. I am unable to trust a single soul with my heart because you kicked it around in the dirt until I no longer had a pulse. Just a cold vacancy in my chest. It wasn’t so much what you did…it was the realization that the person I fell in love with didn’t exist. It was a lie. All a big fucking lie. So I bid thee farewell…whoever you are.


I can’t breathe. I know you’re in town and the fact that there have been no attempts to contact me from your end is a pain that is simply unbearable. It’s like I can feel my soul, my very essence, being pulled through a tiny hole that has been drilled into the pit of my stomach. Like a loose thread being pulled from my favorite sweater eventually causing me to completely unravel. I’m reduced to a pathetic pile of mess. Completely tangled, unrecognizable, and eventually will become an urban tumbleweed. So I’ve spent money I do not have to spare on a pack of smokes and a $5 bottle of wine to try and mask this horrid sinking feeling, full the emptiness…the void you’ve left me with. I know I wasn’t exactly cordial during our last verbal exchange. For that I’m sorry. If there were anything I could do to change it, I would.

I’m still so confused about how I feel. Why do I need you? Why do I feel like I’m dying? Why can’t I forget about us? I can walk away from people and never look back but why can’t I do that with you? I would do anything to see your face approach my front door but I know you’re leaving tomorrow. Hope is lost. I know you. You wouldn’t trouble yourself to make the attempt.

Just know this…I miss you. Nobody can take your place. And believe me, I’ve tried.


You know you’re right.

Here I am, alone again. Relief flooded with loneliness. I haven’t gone a single day without you crossing my mind. But at least now, my thoughts aren’t as clouded as they once were. Once I stumbled upon another one of your kind, I saw the game before he would play his next move. Always a dramatic event that was more unbelievable than the last. Just like your kidney failures and multiple hospital stays that were life threatening…for attention, and to keep me off your back when you were doing something you didn’t want me to know about. I am now fully aware of where we both went wrong. I was so dependent on you. I would do my typical push and pull with you as I do with everyone I become close with. I’d push, you’d pull, we would take turns playing tug of war with each other’s hearts. I would still do anything for you within reason.
As you probably already knew, she lost it again. Although this time, it was so much worse. It ended in violence. You would have never hit me. You would never have done the things she did. The pain I feel from the injuries I sustained from her attacks is unfathomable to anyone but me. The third time, I finally broke. I snapped like a twig under a pair of hiking boots and beat her until my knuckles bled. And still…I’m the only one that suffers. The multiple kicks and punches I took to the back have nearly left me feeling crippled. Each breath feels like a dull blade is being driven and twisted into my spine and I’ve killed my stomach from all of the arthrotec I’ve been taking because I’ve been too stressed to eat. You were right. I hate that about you. You’re always fucking right.

I miss you. You used to be my best friend and I loved you with all my heart. Now when I need someone to talk to, I have nobody. For what it’s worth, I’m deeply remorseful about what I did. My tongue tends to get slippery when soaked with spirits and sorrow. I think about you whenever I wash my dishes. How we did them together. When I pick up my guitar, when I listen to music, when a new guy approaches me I find myself comparing them to you. Since I’m nodding off, I’m going to end this entry and hope you’ll see it. I love you.

This one’s for you.

As I sit in solitude, something I haven’t done in months, I think of you while I stare at the wine glass that is stained with my red lipstick. Swallowing down the room temperature garnacha that is slowly chilling in the crisp autumn air while I sulk in my seat in the garage that has become a dingy oasis where I escape my realities and down my sorrows. My back hurts, this chair is horrid, but it’s better than facing the empty bed that awaits me. I pop a pill, drink, smoke a hit or two, drink… lather, rinse, repeat. The neighbors dog won’t stop barking in my otherwise eerily quiet neighborhood. It’s annoying now, but I suspect that much won’t bother me soon enough. I don’t know why I keep thinking about you. I’m saddened by the silence that was imminent to follow after our last interaction. I don’t understand why I feel this absolute need to keep in contact and obtain approval from someone whom mostly, has made me feel like I’m unworthy and like a nuisance. Nobody that I know personally, can wrap their heads around this infatuation I have with you…and frankly, nor can I. I know I am easy on the eyes. I know I have creative talents, but I also know I’m crazy. I’m insecure. I’m damaged. I’m spiteful, vengeful, quick tempered, and at times, emotionless. If you hurt me, bet your sweet ass I’ll cut you twice as deep and leave you drowning in a puddle of your own blood…metaphorically speaking of course. The people whom fall in love with me, are the ones that I won’t ever truly love them back. Only the unobtainable catch my interest. Shouldn’t surprise me…I’ve always been very competitive. But I know how you got in. Narcissism. Manipulation disguised as trust. You great at it. Finding my weakness, at first, pointing them out as being beautiful, unique and amazing. And later using them to hurt me. I’m well aware that I didn’t handle myself or you in a rational manner through the course of the fucked up disaster we created that turned into an affair that shouldn’t have existed. That summer afternoon you messaged me and said you were in the area, said you wanted to see me, I didn’t bother combing my hair, putting actual clothes on and making myself look presentable. I was expecting a grown up version of the scrawny, dorky, hyper spaz that I used to protect from bullies in high school which eventually led me to being kicked out. But that is not who showed up. A beat up Malibu pulls up, and out pops out a long haired, bearded, tattooed guy that looks like he either rolled out of a dumpster or off a tour bus.  It didn’t matter to me…you looked sexy. Not at all like the goofball kid that followed me everywhere in high school. I run into your arms and the testosterone pumped through your veins as you swept me off my bare, dirty feet and spun me around. Then I caught a glimpse of your eyes. Amazing green hazel
eyes that later would tell me everything before you could even opened your mouth.

How bizarre it is that everything turned around. Although you were still visible anxious in my presence just as you were at times back then, I wasn’t sure what the reason was. In the beginning of our affair, You said you were intimidated by my beauty and presence. I was the hot girl at school. I was the cool girl. The one who didn’t give a shit what her parents thought about her green hair, or whatever color was chosen that week. I was the girl that smoked pot, cigarettes, drank and did drugs on the weekends. But you didn’t know I did those things because of the things I had been through. At 15, I had been through more than most have been through in the course of their lives. You said you would stare at me during class while I held a gaze that was unbreakable at the wall, window, table or whatever… off somewhere. You said it was intriguing and beautiful. You wondered what I was thinking about. You didn’t know that I was thinking about how my mother’s husband tried to fuck me the night prior or about how I was beaten by my mother’s second husband while she was either at work or off somewhere drunk. She was always M.I. A. Never there to protect me. No more than a year later I would be abandoned by her after I told her that her husband was after me. He was trying to fuck me. A young girl that never had a stable father figure. Whom didn’t even know her own until she was 8 years old. And his wife was an abusive psycho bitch. Surrounded by instability and was made to believe I was the problem. I told you everything. Gave you the key to my closet and let all the skeletons tumble out at your feet.

You seemed to empathize…which I think you really did. I’m no girl next door, easy going, carefree beauty that someone is graced with. No. I will blow through your entire being like a category 5 hurricane. Like hurricane Andrew. (See what I did there?)  Just as you did mine.

….to be continued

Tragically torn

So she’s back. She’s amazing, she takes care of you, she treats you so well it doesn’t seem real. She’s stunningly beautiful with a heart to match.

But there’s a dark side…
She’s resentful because of all the things you’ve done out of pure selfishness and spite. She’s betrayed you, she’s hurt you, she’s said things that sting at the mere thought so you fired back harder. In your blind rage, you’ve said and done things that seemed justifiable at the time but we’re just cruel and you now see that now that your words and actions aren’t driven by irrational, red hot fury. You’ve hurt her, and she doesn’t let you live it down. Not for a single moment. She’s addicted, not only to you, but has a monkey on her back that you can’t shake loose with a baseball bat. And this, this burden she carries on her back, weighs twice as much on your heart. You don’t want to be an idiot. You don’t want to lose her, you don’t want let go, but holding on its just as difficult. How do you know if this is the choice for you? The luxury of being with someone so generous is addictive. You’re hooked. She’s got you, she’s pulling you under and then… you realize you can’t breathe…you kick ass hard as you can to get to the surface just to get a mouthful of air only to be pulled under again. It’s exciting and so so terrifying but being the adrenaline junkie you are, you keep going back. The rush of the fiery passion between the two of you is unreal. So you question if it truly is because what goes up must come down, what seems too good to be true probably is…RIGHT? So you pull away. You’ve got others that want to be yours. Others that are successful, brilliant, attractive and want to spoil the shit out of you. So with your son in mind, you start weighing out the options. You start thinking, financial stability is very important. You’re unable to work due to your own health issues so you’re looking for someone whom is able to take some of that burden off your shoulders. She says she’s willing, you believe her, but why is it if you settle in with her, you feel like you can’t breathe, heart races, and you go into a flight or fight response and the anxiety is so much to bear. She’s willing to do anything to win your heart. But there she is staring at it through the glass case, and just a few tickets shy of claiming what she feels is rightfully hers. You know she deserves it…but you just can’t hand it over in its fragile state. You ask for time. You ask for the opportunity to date around and wait to make a commitment out of it. Commitment scares you. When adopting your cat, You wouldn’t even consider getting a kitten because you can’t commit to that responsibility. You are on a prepaid phone plan because you’re so scared to commit to anything. This must mean she isn’t the right one…or maybe it’s you. Your fucked up perception on relationship. It’s easier to keep distance but it doesn’t stop the pain you’re about to cause by pushing her away again.


Just like animals can predict a storm or an earthquake… I predicted our imminent demise. A storm came. Destroyed all I knew. I woke up and lives weren’t lost, but they may as well have. That’s what it feels like. Someone strangling out your very last breath. Like being disemboweled.. gutted. But not literally. The pain is not of the flesh. It’s of the soul. These wounds take far longer to heal and often leave scars that show behind my eyes right before I feel that emptiness take over. The numb. Cannot feel no matter how hard i try. Until that twister swirls back around and destroys my homestead again. So i take shelter. Hide in the cellar until I’m sure that it’s safe to resurface. But it’s never safe when you live in tornado alley…. I hope this silence is the calm before the storm. Because I think I would rather die in your eye than live in the path of your destruction. You were the tornado in that dream. You’re the storm that destroyed everything. But I’m still anxiously waiting to hear the storm sirens howling.  With the hopes that I might get a glimpse of you while you tear through my life again.

Isn’t life strange…

Sometimes you meet new people, sometimes it’s someone you’ve known forever but maybe lost touch for awhile, that person turns your world upside down. You’re head over heels for him and he is pretty much all you think about. You see his face pop up on your phone when he calls, your heart skips a beat and those butterflies in your tummy, that you once thought had all perished start flapping their little wings and you overthrown by this feeling you haven’t had in years. Then, you find out, this guy… someone you’ve known forever, is with someone else. He says he’s unhappy…you listen to the sob stories, offering empathy and comfort. He keeps coming back, playing with your child having as much fun as they are,

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The end is near…the end is here.

Drifting away like a paper bag floating in the breeze.
You’re gone.
Seemingly shrinking in the distance.
You’re the fetchling that finally flew away.
Away to begin your new journey.
You’ll grow, you’ll learn, you’ll forget.
Forget about me,
Forget about us.
I miss your eyes and the way they change colors with every emotion.
The olive
The evergreen
The golden honey
The color of spring.
I miss your smile,
Your laugh
The way you get nervous and sometimes tremble when you’re around me.
The way I felt when you kissed me and whispered “I love you.”
I feel like it was only with you when I said it and actually meant it.
Before you, I didn’t know what love was
But where there once was love,
Resting on the pillow next to mine…
Only loneliness.

Here we go again.

It’s not my fault so many shitty things happened to me that molded me into the mess I am today. But I’ll say this… I’m no longer allowing his indifference, silent treatment, and mind games control how I feel. At some point the bullshit has to stop and what better way to put a halt to it than give him a taste of his own medicine? I have someone whom wants to be with me. Someone awesome he could turn out to be an amazing guy that doesn’t care about my past…in fact I’ve shared a lot of it with him and he has been so understanding. Although it’s too soon to tell,  One day I might even be able to love him. He’s had a rough go of it as well which affected him into adulthood but he’s beating his demons while mine are still active in my mind. I can win this. I can win anything. I refuse to give up, I refuse to let them win. I’ve always been competitive… my abusers won’t win nor will those whom make me feel inferior or unimportant. I’ll teach myself to not care. I WILL MAINTAIN CONTROL.  My heart and soul are not anyone’s stomping grounds. Now…I just need to figure out how to un-love someone.