Siren songs

thinking of you while in the arms of another. torture, sadistic, masochistic. Too many people hurt crushed the seemingly softness of my hand wrapped around your fragile little heart. I’ll tell you to run from it before I get buried in too deep because I’ll only pull away ripping it from your chest…meanwhile, your beating heart in my Palm and watching you gasp for air, mine has shattered inside my chest . Watching the suffering, the storm stirring in your eyes, then watching the rain fall from your sky. Why am I doing this? Why do I commit to live in discontent… I’ll sing my lonely lullabies luring you in… dragging you down into my ocean, to hold someone for awhile until they drown. In my sea of lonely tears. Then while trying to revive their lifeless body I feel like I’m dying. I float back to the top with my tears  rising the waters. And I’ll sing, I’ll see your hand reaching  but I’ll just pull you down. You’ll love every second…until you can’t breathe. I’m a siren, leading you to certain death your body intact, but no life in your eyes.image

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